Marc Jacobs x Peseta – old news, new joy.

It took a while for me to stumble across this bag (obviously, this looks bad since we are closely tied to the fashion industry too) but I must say that this collaboration between Peseta and Marc Jacobs is quite an appealing accessory for the ukulele lover.

For me, I was simply looking for a bag – and not a case – that I could actually travel with and would cope with the needs of lugging around a diminutive instrument, but offer the protection it needs.

Now, to be honest – it isn’t the most robust bag, and the selection of reverse denim and beige/off-white canvas isn’t exactly the most dirt-repellent combination of fabrics ever chosen. It also lacks padding, so the ukulele will probably need a gig bag or lots of weekend clothing to keep it safe and snug inside.

But what this bag lacks in practicality-of-padding, it more than makes up for with looks and styling. When full, it really does look smart and the innards of the bag are lined with a gingham check of red or blue (to match the handle detail on the outside, depending which option you choose) with a few pockets for storing random other items like your cleaning rag, tuner, capo, fast fret etc.

We would love to sell these in the future, but it is probably fairly unlikely.

Currently available from Marc by Marc Jacobs – 56 South Audley Street, London W1 in Red or Blue.