Official UK Distributors for Worth Strings!

We are very excited to announce we are now the proud distributors of Worth Ukulele Strings.

Strings are one of the most important factors in creating a great sound and a good set of strings can make all the difference to even the cheapest of ukuleles.  It is extremely difficult, as any uke enthusiast will tell you, to find the perfect strings for your ukulele.  Getting the balance right between power (volume) and tension of a string is almost impossible.

Made in Japan, from Fluorocarbon, which is the same material used to make fishing lines, Worth Strings are incredibly flexible and strong.  Worth Strings are arguably the closest you can get to perfection.  They have a unique bright, loud and clear sound, with easy string action and they settle in very quickly.  They are temperature and humidity stable and seem to last much longer than their competitors, such as Aquilas.

Worth Strings are renown for producing an exceptionally precise intonation and an unbelievably clear tone.  Some liken them to a skinnier version of D’Addario strings, but as far as playability goes, Worth Strings offer a dynamic unrivalled by other brands, with their clear, sharp tones.  Also, unlike a number of other strings (not to mention any names), Worths do not produce any highly irritating “string noise.”

The bonus of buying Worth strings is that they come in double length sets, so each string is actually twice the length you require, so you can either keep the spare set, or use them on another uke if you own more than one – and let’s face it – which ukulele player doesn’t?  So, if you want to make your uke sing, we recommend a set of Worths. We have the Brown and Clear strings in stock, in both Light and Medium, which you prefer is down to personal taste.