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Let us play the Banjolele!

The banjolele (banjo ukulele or banjo uke) has a banjo-style resonator body and a fretted extended ukulele-style neck and was derived from the banjulele-banjo, introduced by Alvin D. Keech in 1917.  The banjolele hybrid combines the unique construction and distinctive tone of the banjo, with the small scale, tuning and playing style of the ukulele.  […]

Mario Maccaferri – revolutionary plastic ukulele pioneer

Mario Maccaferri, born in Centro, Italy in 1900, trained as a classical guitarist and a traditional instrument luthier from the age of 11, under the guidance of Luigi Mozzani.  He later moved to Paris where he invented the warp-resistant Isovibrant reed in 1935.  In 1939, Mario, his wife Maria, and their daughter visited America and […]

Favilla U-2 Soprano just arrived…

So, I decided that I wanted to get hold of a Favilla uke for the store as I know they are good quality and are tremendously good value for money – especially when compared to Martin, which command high prices, without exception. It arrived today and I just had a good look at it.  Well. […]

The ultimate beginner ukulele?

It’s no secret that Kala are storming the ukulele world with their incredible ukuleles; although ‘Made in China’ – and even stickered as so – their ukuleles offer a level of value and quality never really seen before. Now, having recently been flirting with classic plastic ukes, as were popularised in the 50’s primarily by Maccaferri, […]