The ultimate beginner ukulele?

It’s no secret that Kala are storming the ukulele world with their incredible ukuleles; although ‘Made in China’ – and even stickered as so – their ukuleles offer a level of value and quality never really seen before.

Now, having recently been flirting with classic plastic ukes, as were popularised in the 50’s primarily by Maccaferri, the Makala budget line from Kala has recently brought a new plastic ukulele to the plastic ukulele table.  They call it ‘The Dolphin’ or the MK-SD for trainspotter-types and is made with a plastic back-piece which makes up the back and sides of the uke.

Even at roughly £30 RRP, the build quality is maintained from the Kala range and the plastic back and sides really help to resonate the soundboard in order to achieve the biggest, punchiest sound from the cheap materials used.  Cheap strings are supplied as standard from GHS and if you have ever played on a uke with these previously, you will be familiar with the plasticky, cheap feel they have – especially when sliding up and down the fretboard.

Immediately switching these out for fluoro-carbon Worth Brown strings made an immediate and distinct difference; the ukulele really came to life and I have yet to come across a sub-£100 ukulele to really sound better.  Obviously, different folk will have their preference when it comes to the strings selection and whether it be Aquila or D’Addario strings that tickle your fancy, rest assured you really won’t be disappointed stringing up one of these as your backup or throw-around instrument.

We are hoping to start selling these with an improved strings setup, sometime in the near future.  Please let us know below, if this would be of interest to any of you!

RRP £30