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We are very sad when the time comes for our beautiful vintage ukuleles to leave us and go to a new home, so below we have kept a record of those ukes no longer with us.  We hope their new owners are enjoying them as much as we did!

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  • Emenee Flamingo Plastic Soprano Ukulele ca. 1950s

    This Flamingo plastic ukulele is in incredible condition with no cracks or chips and only a bit of insignificant scuffing on the back. It comes with the original ‘snap on’ Arthur Godrey Uke Player, so even if you’re not an expert, you can still play a lot of your favourite tunes. Stringed with bown Worth strings, this uke plays like a dream, with incredibly clear sound and accurate intonation.

  • Emenee Flamingo Ukulele ca.1950s

    The Flamingo (Emenee) Ukulele This chief competitor to The Islander was endorsed by Arthur Godfrey; Flamingos came in a choice of off-white or marbelized brown and were sometimes equipped with a pitch pipe attached to the headstock (not included with this model). However, the Uke Player (also called the Chord Master on the Islander) is included […]

  • Favilla Vintage Model U-2 Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele ca. 1930s

    The Favilla brothers, John (Giovanni) and Joseph, originally from Italy, set up their stringed instrument building business, in 1894, in mainland America, after originally learning from their father, Francesco, in Italy. Although originally a guitar company, by the early 1920’s, the Favilla brothers were based in New York and were building thousands of stringed instruments, including ukuleles, violins, banjos and mandolins, with the help of their 55 employees. During the 1920’s the ukulele became incredibly popular, and Favilla created their most famous design, the tear-shaped uke.

  • Gretsch Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele ca. 1950s

    Gretsch ukes are often wrongly ignored by those uke-lovers who remain fiercely loyal to their particular brand of choice, however Gretsch ukuleles certainly deserve your respect and attention. Gretsch may be better known for their guitars, but their ukuleles have aged well and vintage Gretschs, such as this one, have a very good reputation and clearly rival the likes of the well-known Martin and Gibson brands.

  • Kamaka HF-2 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele 2003

    The Kamaka HF-2 ukulele is Concert size, which is an intermediate size between a Standard (Soprano) and a Tenor. The Concert size (also known as Alto) is the perfect balance between the two more common sizes as it has a fuller, richer tone like the Tenor, while remaining easy to play like the Standard (Soprano) size. The Kamaka Concert ukulele has a much more punchy sound than the Soprano and the longer string length is much more forgiving and ensures there is more room for fingering than on the smaller sized Soprano ukuleles – which is especially helpful if you have larger fingers!

  • Kamaka HF-2 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele 2009

    The rich sounding Kamaka HF-2 is handmade in Oahu, Hawaii and shows the same superb craftsmanship that we have grown to expect from the prestigious Kamaka brand. It has a solid koa top, back and sides, with high gloss finish, a beautiful rosewood fingerboard and bridge, with the pearl Kamaka ‘double k’ logo on the headstock and friction peg tuners with pearloid buttons. The Kamaka Concert has 12 frets to the body and 16 frets overall and is a top quality instrument with a great full sound.

  • Maccaferri Islander Soprano Ukulele ca. 1950s

    The Islander is considered by many to be of the best quality, in regards to the plastic-uke generation and when compared to other models we have, this is definitely the case. For collectors, this really is a unique piece in exceptional condition.

  • Maccaferri Islander Ukette ca. 1950s

    The Islander Ukette was a later introduction to the Maccaferri line of plastic instruments and neatly complements the Islander ukulele it was modelled after. At such a small size, the Ukette was intended really as an instrument for children, although it now attracts admirers of all ages and is truly a vintage collectible in its own right.

  • Maccaferri Mastro T.V. PAL Soprano Ukulele ca. 1950s

    This Mastro TV Pal ukulele has plastic geared tuning and there is a slight crack on the bottom of the body, as can be seen in the pictures. It has the original strings that came with the ukulele in four different colours: green, orange, white, and yellow.

  • Martin Style 0 Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele ca. 1920s

    Martin ukuleles are renown for their incredible craftsmanship, and this particular model would have originally sold for about $10. Martin ukuleles are often referred to as the most sought-after in the ukulele world, especially the rarer, higher-end models such as the Style 3 or the Style 5.

  • Martin Style 1 Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele ca. 1960s

    Martin ukuleles are probably the most sought after brand of ukulele around. It’s many ukers’ dream to come across a vintage Matin Ukulele at a car boot sale for a tenner. You’ll often see the ukenoscenti throw around the names of different styles of ukulele, so I thought I’d knock together a quick and easy newbie’s guide to telling different styles of Martin apart so you can tell what’s what.