Emenee Flamingo Ukulele ca.1950s

The Flamingo (Emenee) Ukulele

This chief competitor to The Islander was endorsed by Arthur GodfreyFlamingos came in a choice of off-white or marbelized brown and were sometimes equipped with a pitch pipe attached to the headstock (not included with this model).

However, the Uke Player (also called the Chord Master on the Islander) is included along with the original Arthur Godfrey booklet and original Geib case.

The ukulele has metal geared tuning. It has no cracks, chips,marks or any very noticeable damage. There  is a picture of Palm Trees and  Hula girls on the front of the headstock.  The ukulele has been kept in its case when not in use.  The original case has obvious wear and tear over the years, but is still considered in a good-very good condition, there is a small-like water mark on the body of the case as can be seen in the pictures.

The beautiful plastic ukulele is no toy and was built to be played.

Manufactured by Emenee.

Condition: Very Good – Excellent

Front view

Front view of body

Front view of neck

Front view of headstock

Side view of neck

Case, ukulele, handbook and Uke Player

Inside case

Outside of case