Kamaka HF-2 Solid Koa Concert Ukulele 2009

Kamaka HF-2 Solid Koa (2009) Concert Ukulele

The Kamaka HF-2 ukulele is Concert size, which is an intermediate size between a Standard (Soprano) and a Tenor.  The Concert size (also known as Alto) is the perfect balance between the two more common sizes as it has a fuller, richer tone like the Tenor, while remaining easy to play like the Standard (Soprano) size.  The Kamaka Concert ukulele has a much more punchy sound than the Soprano and the longer string length is much more forgiving and ensures there is more room for fingering than on the smaller sized Soprano ukuleles – which is especially helpful if you have larger fingers!

This stunning Kamaka HF-2 ukulele made in 2009 is in near perfect condition.  There are no visible signs of any cracks, scratches or scuffs, with only a few tiny insignificant nicks on the headstock.  It includes its original label, warranty card and a padded hard-shell case.  It is currently strung with a wound low “G” string, for a lovely deep, rich sound.  Low G strings give this Kamaka a much more rounded, even and fuller tone, and gives you an extra five notes.

Condition: Excellent

Price: £700