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  • GString Solid Koa M1 Tattoo Soprano Ukulele 2006

    GString ukuleles are some of the most sought after of all the ukulele brands; known for their artisan quality process and endorsements from the likes of Herb Ohta Jr and James Hill. The GString Ukulele Company was founded in 1993 and has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a one car garage in Kapahulu, Hawaii. Now located in Halawa Valley, Oahu, Hawaii, they continue to build ukuleles of the highest quality with attention to the smallest of details. Their Tattoo Models use in-house laser technology to engrave their unique designs with quality and consistency.

  • Kamaka Gold Label Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele 1963

    Kamaka ukuleles are one of the most well-known and respected ukulele brands still in existence today. The company was founded by Samuel K. Kamaka (Sam Sr.) in 1916, who began his career as an apprentice to Manuel Nunes, one of the original ukulele makers from the 1880s, and the business still remains in the Kamaka family to this day. Kamaka were the only Hawaiian ukulele makers to make it through the war years and are now more widely known than ever before. Their renaissance has largely come about from the endorsement of the legendary Jake Shimabukuro.

  • Kamaka Gold Label Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele ca. 1950s

    Kamaka ukuleles have an incredible sound and excellent tone that improves with age, easily living up to the high expectations associated with such a prestigious brand. Each Kamaka ukulele is incredibly well made under ideal atmospheric conditions of 70°F and 40-45% humidity and goes through at least 20 talented craftsmen in the building process at their Kakaako factory in Honolulu, Hawaii. They are made from only the finest koa wood that is allowed to age for four years, rather than kiln dried, in order to improve sound quality and avoid warping.

  • Kanile’a K1 Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele 2009

    Kanile’a ukuleles are finely hand crafted in Kaneohe, Hawaii, and have a sound that is unrivalled by other ukulele brands. The Kanile’a Ukulele company is family-owned and operated by Joseph and Kristen Souza, with their mission to “Spread Aloha through Music” ringing true in their beautiful sounding instruments. Joe Souza had years of experience as a ukulele player before learning how to craft the instruments, which ensures that Kanile’a ukuleles are designed with ease of playability in mind. Widely endorsed by Aldrine Guerrero, Kanile’a ukuleles are renown for their ringing volume and sustained sound, which should be experienced by all ukulele enthusiasts.

  • Mele Solid Mahogany Soprano Ukulele 2009

    Mele ukuleles are hand-crafted ukuleles that are made in Hawaii on the island of Maui. They represent fantastic value for money combined with outstanding performance. Mele ukuleles are designed to create a great, clear sound, featuring outstanding ringing tones and precise intonation to rival their far more expensive competitors, such as the top end Martin ukuleles.

  • Sam Chang Style 3 Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele ca. 1940s

    Sam Chang was a Hawaiian ukulele maker who first advertised in 1926, but unlike many ukulele companies from the 1920s, he was still in business in the 1950s. Sam Chang was a contemporary of Sam Kamaka Sr. back in the days when there was a real camaraderie between uke makers in Hawaii and in the spirit of aloha they would frequently help each other out and learn from each other. This is a highly sought after and extremely collectible vintage instrument, with a sound similar to that you would expect from a fine Kamaka. Sam Chang ukuleles rarely surface and are very hard to come by and this truly exceptional solid Hawaiian Koa Style 3 Soprano ca. 1940s will not disappoint.