Kamaka Gold Label Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele 1963

Kamaka Solid Koa Gold Label (1963) Soprano Ukulele

Kamaka ukuleles have an incredible sound and excellent tone that improves with age, easily living up to the high expectations associated with such a prestigious brand.  Each Kamaka ukulele is incredibly well made under ideal atmospheric conditions of 70°F and 40-45% humidity and goes through at least 20 talented craftsmen in the building process at their Kakaako factory in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They are made from only the finest koa wood that is allowed to age for four years, rather than kiln dried, in order to improve sound quality and avoid warping.

This beautiful Kamaka Standard (Soprano) gold label ukulele is made entirely from koa wood and is in near-perfect condition.  There is a vertical split on the rear of this ukulele, running from the bottom up to the point where the body is narrowest.  The split is located just right of the centre of the instrument when you look at it, but it is virtually invisible unless you know where to look (see last image below).  When you rub your finger over the split, the body on the left side (nearest the centre of the uke) is raised slightly higher than the right side.

This Kamaka all koa model features a gold label inside the soundhole bearing the words ‘Kamaka Ukulele’ in black and red lettering, matching the font of the patented gold and black ‘double k’ decal on the headstock.  This ‘KK’ symbol was introduced by Sam Jr. on all Kamaka headstocks in 1958, after he took over his father’s business.  The stunning koa wood is accentuated with the white purfling around the top rim of the instrument and the nickel pegs with white pearloid buttons.  It features 12 frets and the trademark curved fingerboard extension, a common feature of vintage Kamaka models.  The original carrying case is also supplied, still in perfect condition with soft fleece protective lining inside.

Condition: Good – Very Good

Price: £550

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