Sam Chang Style 3 Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele ca. 1940s

Sam Chang Style 3 Koa (1940s) Soprano Ukulele

This pristine and highly collectable 1940’s Sam Chang Style 3 ukulele is in outstanding condition with a rich variegated all solid Flamed Koa grain, showing hardly any signs of handling.  This Sam Chang ukulele looks virtually unplayed, with the nut, bridge and early-style tuning keys still in their original condition and a fully intact headstock decal, which states “ALOHA / HAWAII” with a coat of arms under which it states “UA MAU KE EA O KA AINA I KA PUNU” and the words “souvenir of Hawaii”.  There is no label inside the soundhole, which dates the ukulele to the late 1930s or 1940s, as nearly all ukes made in Hawaii until around 1935 had a wood-burned stamp stating “TABU – MADE IN HAWAII”.

Sam Chang models are almost identical to the early Kamaka ukuleles, with their fine Hawaiian Koa wood and more elaborate detailing.  Modelled on the Martin Style 3, with its intricate binding and double stripe along the fingerboard, this Style 3 has a satin rubbed lacquer finish, which is accented by the ornate Abalone binding around the top and inlaid soundhole and fingerboard detail. This Sam Chang Soprano ukulele only has binding on the top, as Hawaiian ukulele makers did not tend to use binding on the backs of their ukuleles.

The only small issue to mention with this stunning Sam Chang Style 3 is that there is some evidence of wood shrinkage, from where a previous owner has perhaps not kept the ukulele stored with a humidifier.  This is apparent a little at the left upper bout and below the bridge and heel, in line with the inner supports, as there are some faint grain lines that are super tight, solid and don’t appear to be cracks. These areas don’t even show up in the photos and are only noticeable under close light inspection or by feeling the instrument.

There is one small crack in the Abalone binding on the top of the ukulele and the fingerboard seems to display some small signs of shrinkage also, as the fret ends slightly protrude, by less than a millimetre, but can be filed down by a professional.  We are now carefully storing and protecting this Sam Chang collectable uke in ideal conditions with a humidified case in order to prevent any further damage and ensure the wood swells up again.  We have also restrung it with a beautiful new set of Worth strings and added Grover Tuners, so it now plays like a dream, with a low, rich, mellow tone very similar to that of an early vintage solid Koa Kamaka.

Condition: Good – Very Good

Price: £670

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